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Orange juice is a popular mixer, especially with vodka and sparkling white wine, but it isn't often combined with rum. The oversight is a shame, really, as orange juice and rum do combine well. The citrus has a similar balancing effect to pineapple juice, while still allowing you to enjoy the complexity of the rum.

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Best rum mixers Dmitry Dreyer/Unsplash. Once you select a white rum to mix with that limits the hangover-inducing congeners, you don't want to screw it up by adding ingredients that are going to.

Top 10 Spiced Rum Drinks With Recipes Only Foods

Get Recipe. 14. Navy Grog. A refined version of the mix of Rum, lime, sugar, and water that the British Royal Navy brought to life to get through the rough days at sea without getting completely wasted. Get Recipe. 15. Painkiller Rum Cocktail. The Painkiller Cocktail basically is a fruity version of the Piña Colada.

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When it comes to rum mixers, pineapple juice is a classic choice that simply can't be beaten. Whether you're sipping on a piña colada or a daiquiri, this tangy juice brings out the best in your rum.It provides a sweet and refreshing flavour and balances out the natural woody and floral notes commonly found in many gold and dark rums.

Top 10 Spiced Rum Drinks With Recipes Only Foods

Two different rums, grapefruit and lime juices, falernum, cinnamon syrup, and Angostura bitters get mixed and strained into an absinthe-rinsed glass. The eight ingredients—before you even get to the garnishes—may be more than many cocktails call for, but the resulting drink is worth the extra effort. Get the recipe.

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Light rum works too, but its subtle taste will get lost in the soda. 5. Club Soda. Club soda is a flexible mixer and works well with rum. For a light, tasty drink, mixing club soda with rum is spot-on. So if you want a refreshing highball, grab a glass, rum, some lemons, and club soda. Go for spiced rum for a fun twist.

Spiced Rum Mixers What to Mix with Spiced Rum

5 Ginger Beer. Ginger beer is a delicious option as a mixer with rum and is the main component of one of the most beloved rum cocktails: The Dark 'N Stormy. The Dark 'N Stormy contains ginger beer and a Gosling's Black Seal rum float on top. The ginger beer and dark rum work wonderfully together.

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Pineapple Juice. Ginger Ale. Club Soda. Orange Juice. Grapefruit Juice. 1. Tonic Water. Tonic water is a carbonated soft drink that mixes well with almost every alcoholic drink as a mixer. It is slightly dry in the mouth and bitter in taste, balancing and enhancing the taste of rum.

Rum & Mixers Box Set Front Door Delivery

4. Rum & Orange Juice Sweet, tart, and perfectly delicious, a rum and orange juice is a fresh spin on a classic Screwdriver cocktail. Depending on your preference, you can use aged rum, dark rum, coconut rum, or white rum - either way, it's bursting with tropical flavours that make it perfect for a hot summer's day.

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Club soda is a go-to mixer for many. It's super versatile and can be used with many liquors, rum included. Case in point: if you're looking for a simple drink that is light and refreshing, mixing.

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Cola is a classic mixer for rum, known for its combination of sweetness and a hint of spice. It's the key ingredient in the famous Rum and Coke (or Cuba Libre) cocktail. TRY IT: Fill a highball glass with ice, add 2 ounces of rum, then fill the glass with cola. Squeeze a lime wedge over the drink and drop it in the glass.

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Hot Chocolate. Rum's molasses-heavy tropical notes aren't just for summer imbibing. In fact, it's the perfect spirit to mix in thick, rich hot chocolate for a cold-weather treat at the end.

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8 of the Best Rum Mixers. words: Eliot Routh. illustration: Gerry Selian. Few spirits conjure up a sense of place as rum, the sugarcane-based spirit that originated in the Caribbean and has lent.

Rum & Mixers Box Set Front Door Delivery

5. Classic Pina Colada. Speaking of classic rum cocktails…. You just knew the pina colada was going to make the list, as well! You'll need frozen pineapple, ice, aged rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, and lime juice. Blend everything until it's chunky and slushy, and stick a cherry and a cutesy umbrella on top.

7 Great Mixers for Rum That Aren’t Coke

This scorpion bowl with fresh fruit is a rum-based tropical cocktail that includes brandy, orange, and lemon juices, and orgeat syrup. Pineapple and mango cubes are blended with the other ingredients to make a delicious punch that serves four. Get the Recipe. 07 of 24.

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It's the Smoky Ginger Ale, but the one I want to focus on, it's the Spiced Orange, because the flavour profile of that goes amazing with a Rum and Spiced Rum. Very delicate. It's not as fiery in ginger, as Ginger beer or anything like that. Just the subtle twist of orange coming through.

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