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Noah Crooks, at right, was 13 years old when he killed his mother in Osage. He was back in court Friday for resentencing as an adult because he turns 18 in July. Noah Crooks, 17, stands with his.

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13-Year-Old Kills Mother, Turns Himself in to Police. Noah Crooks, 13, stands accused of murdering his mother, Gretchen, and authorities have filed additional charges of sexual abuse. Officials state that it is "totally unheard of" for a child to sexually abuse his or her parent, but that is the case in the Crook murder.

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Watch Now: Related Video. Noah Crooks waits for an admissibility hearing to begin at the Cerro Gordo County Law Enforcement Center on Monday, April 1, 2013. Crooks, 14, is charged with first.

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OSAGE — A hearing to determine how 13-year-old Noah Crooks will be tried on allegations of first-degree murder will be held at 9 a.m. on Sept.… Watch Now: Related Video

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CLARION — A Wright County jury heard 14-year-old Noah Crooks admit to shooting his mother more than 20 times and trying to rape her as testimony in the teen's murder Jury listens to 911 tape.

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Noah Crooks, 17, stands with his attorney, William Kutmus, in May 2016 in Mitchell County District Court. Crooks was sentenced to up 50 years in prison for the 2012 second-degree murder of his mother.

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Right Now. Davenport, IA ». Noah Crooks, was charged in March 2012 with first-degree murder for the shooting death of his 37-year-old mother, Gretchen. Noah was 13 at the time of the shooting.

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Noah Crooks was apprehended without incident on March 24, which occurred just after 7:30 p.m. at the rural acreage, where he lived with his mother, and father, William Crooks.

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Gretchen Crooks was a 37-year-old woman living in a rural home at Cameo Avenue in Osage, Iowa. She lived with her husband, William, their 13-year-old son, Noah. Gretchen had graduated from Mason City High School in 1992 and she worked as a nurse at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa. Back in 2005, Gretchen travelled to the Gulf Coast to aid.

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Several sources said the alleged shooter was her son, Noah. Crooks was a nurse at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa in Mason City and a 1992 graduate of Mason City High School. Crooks died of.

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The jury in the murder trial of Noah Crooks heard a disturbing 911 call during which the teenage accused, from Iowa, can be heard pouring his heart out about the killing. Crooks, now 14 , has been.

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Noah Crooks, now 14, can be heard on the March 24 call telling a dispatcher with the Mitchell County Sheriff's Department that he shot his mother, 37-year-old Gretchen Crooks, almost 20 times with a .22-caliber hunting rifle and he doesn't know why he did it, the Globe Gazette reports.

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Now an Iowa boy says he killed and attempted to rape his mother after she took away Call of Duty.. That's according to the 911 call 14-year-old Noah Crooks of Osage, Iowa placed on March 24.

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Noah Crooks, now 14, murdered his 37 year-old mother, Gretchen Crook, after he snapped when he was stripped of the privilege to play his beloved "Call of Duty" video game. Crooks called 911 and told the dispatcher he had killed his mother with a .22 and tried to rape her.

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OSAGE, Iowa (AP) -- A placement hearing is scheduled May 6 for a teenager convicted of killing his mother at their Osage home more than four years ago. Prosecutors say Noah Crooks was 13 years old.

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Noah Crooks was found guilty of second-degree murder and "not guilty" of assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse after he called 911 on March 24, 2012 and told the Mitchell County.

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