The Dumbest Traffic Laws in America WheelHouse Here are some of the

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The Kansas Funny Law is just one example of the many quirky laws that exist in our legal system. These laws often have historical origins and may no longer be actively enforced, but they remain on the books. Quirky laws can be found at various levels of government, including federal, state, and local jurisdictions.

Weirdest Laws In Kansas

Jim Bob and Clint Explain some of the dumb laws that are still on the books in KansasThis here's some of the shit we use to make these here videos…Sony 4K HD.

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FLORIDA: People who own bars, restaurants, and other places where liquor is sold may be fined up to $1,000 if they participate in or permit any contest of "dwarf-tossing." Wolf of Wall Street.

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Kansas: No snowballs. It may still be illegal to throw snowballs in Topeka, Kansas. Thanks to a weirdly-worded law in the city Criminal Code, it is unlawful to "throw any stones, snowballs, or.

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These crazy laws are sure to give you a laugh today. 1. In KC, men between the ages of 21 and 50 who are single must pay an annual tax of one dollar. David Goehring/Flickr. Of course, back when the law was written, it was probably a lot more money than it is today. I wonder what it was for, though? 2.

The Dumbest Traffic Laws in America WheelHouse Here are some of the

The Midwestern state of Kansas is home to the rolling Great Plains and a thriving aviation and agriculture industry. Despite its reputation as a down-to-earth state, Kansas is also home to some dumb laws you might be inclined to disbelieve. Persons may not "screech" their tires while driving Not only does the state of Kansas.

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8. (In Overland Park) One may not picket a funeral. Flickr/Charles LeBlanc. We'll give you three guesses as to why this law was put into place. *cough* Westboro Baptist Church *cough*. Advertisement. 9. (In Russell) Musical car horns are banned. Flickr/Chad Horwedel.

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You can read the full article on the weird laws in Kansas here: The 8 Weirdest Laws in Kansas. In the city of Derby, screeching your tires on the road could land you in prison for a month or pay a fine of $500 or both. 17. Kentucky: Reptiles and religion. You can read the full article on the weird laws in Kentucky here: The 8 Weirdest Laws in.

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Kansas is the 15th largest in the US, with a total area of 213,100 square kilometers. Kansas is split into 105 counties with 628 cities. Butler County is the largest county in Kansas by area. Kansas's location is central to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Barton County is the geographic center of this State.

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A similar law also exists in New Jersey. Other controversial laws in the United States. Some other strange laws include: it is prohibited to open an umbrella on the street in Alabama, denying someone a glass of water is prohibited in Arizona, and it is also Illegal to collect rainwater in Colorado. 50 "Dumb Laws" Across the United States

50 Dumb Laws From Across the United States

As weird as some of the state laws are in Kansas, it's the local governments that really win the gold medal for bizarre laws. The city of Topeka, which is also the state capital, is home to some REALLY strange laws. For example, a local law reportedly makes screaming at a haunted house a punishable offense (per Stupid Laws). Another law makes.

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Here are 10 illegal things in Kansas that will likely have you scratching your head - and might even give you a bit of a laugh. 1.) Riding an animal down any road is against the law in Derby. Giphy. Tough luck, Fido. 2.)

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Hawaii: You can't post a billboard except in special cases. The Aloha State forbids outdoor advertising unless under special circumstances (Vol10, Chapter 0436-0474, 445-112). Four states.

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Here are 11 of the craziest laws in Kansas, according to Only in your state and U.S. Dumb Laws. 1) In Topeka, it's against the law to scream in a haunted house. 2) Also in Topeka, it is against.

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Students have shared some crazy laws that they have heard of, for example student Ben Monday commented, "It is illegal to kill whales in Kansas.". It really is inspiring how much our state cares about aquatic life. Student Lainy Myers commented, "It's illegal to whistle at night in Topeka Kansas.". Topea must really dislike anything.

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Bigfoot hunters, beware. Skamania County, Washington, passed a law in 1969 deeming the "slaying of Bigfoot to be a felony and punishable by 5 years in prison." The law was later amended.

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