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The five flavors of Breckenridge Brewery's Good Company Hard Seltzer were inspired by Colorado's famed Western Slope growing region. Enjoy a taste of the harvest season year-round with Apple-Pear, Peach, Honeydew, Black Cherry and Mountain Berry. This May, Breck added a new line of Good Company Lemonade Hard Seltzers, just in time for summer!

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Corona's hard seltzers contain zero carbs and sugar with lively flavors like Mango and Tropical Lime. Best Spicy: Press Premium Blood Orange Chili at Drizly. The 110-calorie offering does not skimp on the Scoville units, mixing fragrant citrus with nose-prickling peppery spice. Best with Vodka: High Noon Sun Sips Seltzer at Drizly.

Review Good Company Hard Seltzer Best Tasting Spirits Best Tasting

After Soaring Stateside, Hard Seltzer Falls Flat in the U.K.: Hard seltzer arrived in Britain in early 2019. Yet the drink that took America by storm has fizzled rather than flown across the Atlantic.

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Erin Grafton. -. February 18, 2021. Colorado's Breckenridge Brewery is the latest craft beer brewer to launch hard seltzer. On Tuesday the company officially launched Good Company hard seltzer, a spiked and sparkling beverage inspired by the tastes of the Rocky Mountain State. Good Company comes in five flavors, all inspired by the fruits.

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Shop for Breckenridge Brewery Good Company Hard Seltzer Variety Pack (15 cans / 12 fl oz) at Kroger. Find quality adult beverage products to add to your Shopping List or order online for Delivery or Pickup.

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The grapefruit flavor also tastes delightfully natural, with a subtle, tart bite and notes of fresh fruit peel. On a hot day, these would be the seltzers I'd reach for first. Flavors: watermelon.

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Good Company Hard Seltzer. At only 100 calories, zero sugar and 2g carbs, this 15 pack has all the taste without the guilt. Find This Brew Order Online . From the Western Slope to the Rocky ford, we present five light and refreshing fruit flavors picked for a taste of the harvest season all year round. Share the Love. THE DEETS. LIGHT.

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Hard seltzers are famously light on the calories and carbs. In fact, you can expect your average hard seltzer to contain 2 grams of carbs or less — compare that with 13 grams of carbs in your average 12 oz. serving of beer with a similar ABV. Hard seltzers also only contain around 100 calories per serving, compared with around 150 calories.

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Good Company Hard Seltzer. At only 100 calories, zero sugar and 2g carbs, this 15 pack has all the taste without the guilt. Lemonade Hard Seltzer. Bright & tart lemonade pairs effortlessly with 5 new bold fruit flavors. Explore our brews by flavor profile Explore Our Brews .

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Good Company Hard Seltzers are available for purchase across Colorado. Each can of Good Company seltzer contains zero sugar, 5% ABV, 2g carbs or less and only 100 calories. About Breckenridge Brewery

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Most Aromatic: Good Company Hard Seltzer by Breckenridge Brewery Photo by Jessica LaRusso. Crack into one of the five flavors in Good Company's extra-large 15-can mix packs with your eyes closed and sniff, and you'll probably be able guess if you're drinking the apple-pear, honeydew, mountain berry, peach, or black cherry. Some of our.

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Unlike most hard seltzers Good Company is sold in a 5 flavor 15 can variety pack. Good Company recently released a Hard Seltzer Lemonade 5 flavor 15 can variety pack. Each 12 oz. can of Good Company Hard Seltzer is made from fermented cane sugar, natural flavors, malted rice, and citric acid and weighs in with 100 calories, and 5% alcohol.

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Truly Tequila Soda is available now in an 8-pack variety of all four flavors (MSRP $17.99 - $19.99), plus 4-packs of Lime and Pineapple Guava single flavors (MSRP $9.99 - $11.99).

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About Boston Beer Company The Boston Beer Company, Inc. (NYSE: SAM) began in 1984 brewing Samuel Adams beer and has since grown to become one of the largest and most respected craft brewers in the.

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Have Breckenridge Brewery Good Company Hard Seltzer Black Cherry delivered to your door in under an hour! Drizly partners with liquor stores near you to provide fast and easy Alcohol delivery. Skip to main content Accessibility Help. Party's over: We're closing in March 2024.. Hard Seltzer.

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Breckenridge Brewery, known for its innovative and high-quality craft beers, is expanding its beverage lineup with a new line of hard seltzers infused with Yerba Mate Tea. Good Company Yerba Mate Tea Hard Seltzers are a refreshing and healthy alternative to traditional hard seltzers, offering a unique taste and an exciting twist on the popular beverage. Yerba Mate Tea, a popular South American.

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