Four Loko teamed up with Fleshlight for a monstrosity called 'Sex In A Can'

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Four Loko is now a nono in New York

The real trouble lies in Four Loko's staggering ABV, or alcohol by volume. The average can of beer has around 5% ABV, while a bottle of wine will generally have an ABV of about 12%, per the National Institute of Health. The ABV of Four Loko varies by state, ranging anywhere from 8% to 14% (via Inverse).

Buy Four Loko โ€˜Sex Toy in a Canโ€™ Fleshlight (NSFW)

Alcoholic beverage maker Four Loko has teamed up with sex toy company Fleshlight to produce a provocative gadget called "Sex in a Can." Open up a can of whoopee!

Four Loko teamed up with Fleshlight for a monstrosity called 'Sex In A Can'

14. Red. Some flavors of Four Loko are concerningly vague. The now-discontinued "Blaze" or "Frost" flavors are just such cases, as the names give little to no indication as to the exact flavor of the drink waiting inside the can. One current flavor, the "Red", is still one of the biggest mysteries of the bunch.

Four Loko Releases New โ€˜Pregameโ€™ Flavored Shots With 13.9 Percent ABV

2018. pizzaslime- four loko x fleshlight. ZADDY and Pizzaslime have had an incestuous relationship for years, collaborating on initiatives for brands and artists since 2015. When they approached us about bringing two of the most edgy and iconic brands of the last decade together, we jumped at the opportunity.

Pizzaslime Shares Four Loko x Fleshlight Collab PAPER

The result was the orchestration of combining the two legendary brands that are Four Loko and Fleshlight. Like most people you've probably thought to you. Inspired by the spirit of Steve Jobs and Leonardo Da Vinci we at Pizzaslime embarked on a quest to bring the world an innovative and cutting-edge sexual experience. The result was the.

Warheads and Four Loko Unveil Collab Flavor 'Sour Cosmic Punch

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Fleshlight Go A Nite In โ„ข Male Sex Toys

Find out where to buy Four Loko near you! Check out where to pick up our newest flavors and products. Your next Four Loko Story starts here!

Four Loko Fleshlight Review

Pizzaslime's limited edition Four Loko x Fleshlight "Sex in a Can" is now available to buy online at a retail cost of $69 (because, of course it is) and an added emotional cost that has yet to be determined. Enjoy (?) some uncensored shots of the collab, below.

Four Loko Fleshlight Review

Alcoholic beverage maker Four Loko has teamed up with sex toy company Fleshlight to produce a somewhat deceptive gadget called "Sex in a Can.". The product, released this week, comes in a red camouflage-patterned can that looks like a Four Loko drink. But unscrew the top, and the 9.75-inch-long cylinder actually contains a pink, flesh-like.

Four Loko teamed up with Fleshlight on an ungodly creation

So, when you toast with a Four Loko, you're essentially having 3 to 5.5 typical drinks, all sweetened and radiating a beer-like taste. That seductive sweetness, with a generous kick of booze, is a heady combo. But then Four Loko cleverly throws in a mix of stimulants, traditionally including caffeine ( Now, that's a double-edged sword.

Segment 17 Weekend Weather, Four Loko Fleshlight And Facts Of The Day

it was $69.00

Four Loko Sour Finley Beer

July 23, 2019. Photo credit: Fleshlight. From Delish. Today in very real internet news you may or may not have been expecting: A fleshlight in the shape of a Four Loko can is going viral. The.

Four Loko WARHEADS Sour Cosmic Punch

It also comes with a brown paper bag so you can confidently carry your Four Loko Fleshlight in public. Four Loko teamed up with Fleshlight for a monstrosity called 'Sex In A Can'. Image: Four Loko / fleshlight. "We at Fleshlight believe in freedom, fantasy and the pursuit of pleasure," Fleshlight CEO Steve Shubin said in a press release.

The Wheel...The Printing Press...The Four Loko + Fleshlight "Sex In A

It happened. That thing that nobody asked for. Four Loko has pair up with a fleshlight company and here we are.

Four Loko is backโ€”but this time in China, where it is called "lose

The early Four Loko was unofficially dubbed as a "blackout in a can.". The Four Loko recipe that sent the brand's popularity skyrocketing is also the one that was ultimately squashed by the.

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